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Why App Marketers Should Invest More in Programmatic

Programmatic advertising is a rapidly growing technology that has helped put the control of media spend in the hands of the app marketer. As demand for transparency continues to increase, the need to reduce ad fraud, and for effective ways of reaching your audience becomes more prevalent, app marketers have started investing more in programmatic.

Below are the top five reasons why app marketers are making programmatic a significant part of their mobile media mix.

Driven by Hard Data & 100% Transparency

The major benefit of programmatic advertising is that it cuts out any chance for human error with real-time bidding and automation. It offers visibility into the impressions being served, down to the app or device level. The advertiser has access to an array of data in a platform that supports multiple buying models – CPM, CPI, and CPA – so that they only have to pay for actual results. This provides a full picture of the user journey with pre-install (impression, click, etc.) metrics for proper optimization in order to reach post-install (retention, in-app purchases, etc.) goals. With complete transparency and control over where your ads are running, both brand quality and ad revenue increases.

Ad Fraud Reduction & Brand Safety

With 100% transparency and being able to see where your ads are running, apps are ultimately less prone to ad fraud. The advertiser can track and analyze data trends to avoid any suspicious activity by managing and monitoring campaigns in a single dashboard. The added benefit of programmatic advertising is that the marketer is buying on a CPM. This eliminates the incentive to trick attribution, which is typically seen when buying on a CPI, and limits the possibility of ad fraud. It also provides effective pre-bid solutions that ensures your ad will only be seen on sites that meet the highest standards for brand safety, as well as leveraging blacklists and whitelists so that your ads only show up where desired.

Target Your Audience with Advanced Technology

The user acquisition programmatic platform operates with machine learning and a prediction algorithm that analyzes data and user behavior to identify users that are deemed to be the most valuable for your app. Meaning the platform uses data to hyper-target users by specific app category, Geo, device type, OS, and more, in an effort to find your most high-value users. Essentially, you can leverage advanced technology that does all the heavy lifting to help drive performance and ultimately reach your business goals.

Effective Ad Formats

There are a variety of ad formats to help you deliver the most engaging ad experience. These include native ads, banners, videos, and playable ads. Programmatic advertising allows you to go beyond just a click through rate by testing multiple formats and creatives to drive real conversions. Being able to test and identify winning mobile experiences for your app in one platform makes it a more effective way to reach your goals.

User Re-engagement

Foster long-term retention of your existing or high-value users by keeping them engaged. The benefit of cultivating post-install data in a single platform is that you can continue your user’s app experience, with multiple messaging, at different points of their user journey. It leverages the machine learning algorithm, which uses historical data, to reach users when they are most likely to engage. Re-engagement ultimately adds value to your user acquisition budget by keeping your paying users active.

It is forecasted that 69% of all digital media spend will be traded programmatically this year in 2020, which is up from 65% in 2019. For all these reasons and more, pioneering marketers should consider adopting programmatic as a major pillar of their ad spend.

To learn more about programmatic advertising and Peak DSP, our leading mobile-first programmatic DSP for user acquisition and re-engagement, contact us here.

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