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Edge226 announces the acquisition of Webpals Mobile (from Webpals Holdings) to affirm its strength in the app-install market while increasing focus and scale through social channels.

“We’re excited to announce our acquisition of Webpals Mobile, which combines Webpals Mobile’s unique knowledge of mobile social marketing with our performance-driven DSP,” said Avishay Raviv, co-CEO of Edge226. The combination of our performance-driven DSP and Webpals Mobile’s social marketing excellence aims to answer one of mobile’s biggest challenges– high quality user acquisition for app developers, at scale.”

“Edge226 offers a truly premium, end-to-end solution for direct advertisers, app developers and agencies. Everything from quality app installs to brilliant assets from our creative studio, Edge226 now delivers unparalleled access to myriad channels and platforms, including Facebook. This, coupled with our DSP’s fully transparent supply, ensures that our clients are able to succeed from every angle,” added Yoav Kirmayer, co-CEO of Edge226.

Webpals Mobile, formerly known as DAU-UP ClicksMob – a Google App preferred creative partner and a marketing partner of Facebook, focuses on driving high-intent users for social gaming applications and premium performance advertisers.

Webpals Mobile is a highly complementary fit with Edge226’s existing business, delivering a range of synergies and strategic benefits. This acquisition diversifies Edge’s business opportunities by allowing entry into previously untapped channels and markets, all while providing enhanced growth opportunities in existing markets. Along with the various benefits that this brings, Edge226 now becomes an:

· Official Facebook Marketing Partner- Webpals Mobile has been an official Facebook Marketing Partner for several years, offering vast experience ranging from campaign management of gaming, finance and ecommerce apps across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

· Google App Preferred Creative Partner - Webpals Mobile was named to Google’s App Preferred Creative Partners program, as one of eight trusted agencies to help app developers manage creatives from design to reporting.

· Internationally reaching agency- Webpals Mobile has a strong presence in the APAC markets

“Besides the product and tech advantages, we have found an experienced team with true proficiency in the mobile app install markets. We anticipate that this acquisition will offer our current clients an enhanced set of elite services and solutions, and allow us to reach new clients that will benefit from our best-in-class solutions,” said Yoav, Co- CEO of Edge226.

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