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Winter is coming! Do you know what that means: hello holidays!

We believe that all app owners should lay the groundwork and be ready to make the most out of the potential holiday goldmine.

Check out these 8 tips on preparing your apps for the holiday season:

1. Early birds get the worm

It’s best to start preparing your mobile apps for the holiday bonanza as early as possible, deciphering the minds of your targeted audience, allocating budget, brainstorming for inspiring copy and designs and creating content that encourages users to act; otherwise…

2. Be prepared to spend more on advertising

The thought of your in-app purchases rising during the holidays may be heartwarming, but you should know that all numbers tend to increase that time of year – conversions can go as high as 60%, ad impressions increase by 50%, order value increases by 30% – and so do media costs.

Edge Social's data shows that a typical increase in daily user acquisition budget during the holidays stands at 25-50 percent, on average, but it can be even higher. For instance, one of the popular e-Commerce apps we work with doubled its budget for the holidays last year, along with many other leading apps.

After the storm…

Our app promotion experts noticed that the storm in media prices usually calms towards mid-December. During that time, many eCommerce app owners witness a big drop in in-app purchases and orders since many users realize it they may not get what they want in time. The result? A sharp decrease in demand for media and a plunge in prices.

While this time is less lucrative for eCommerce, it presents a window of opportunity for apps in other verticals, such as finance, gaming, travel, and so on.

In case you failed to catch the “low-cost” wave, be prepared to capture those valuable seasonal users for a bigger buck.

3. Ride the wave of peak buying times

To get the most out of your app marketing strategy, look at the bigger picture and don’t just focus on the mainstream holidays. Consider investing more in holidays like Alibaba’s Singles Day, Harbolnas in Indonesia, or White Day in Japan. These are yet to get the attention they deserve in the West, and some extend beyond January, which opens an opportunity for you to save on media costs.

4. Unwrap your app’s potential with paid user acquisition

As app stores become more and more crowded, it is highly recommended to complement your organic acquisition strategy with a paid one to stand out.

With the paid acquisition, you get to enlarge your user base by successfully engaging even the most niche of audiences who you may not have seen your app otherwise. Granular targeting does its magic.

Paid user acquisition can also help boost your ROAS as well as organic ranking (all those impressions count) and downloads. Downloads have proven to jump by as much as 1.5 times across all app categories.

5. Be present on different social media

Savvy app owners can’t just hold on to the past and ignore the latest developments on social media: Google’s YouTube began testing more actionable video ads; Pinterest is going all in with mobile shopping, and Instagram has added more shopping features to support direct sales.

On each of the platforms, try playing with different kinds of creatives, changing them frequently to avoid exhaustion and ad blindness. For example, consider serving playable ads for games and interactive apps to drive installs of higher quality.

6. Leverage holiday-themed images and copy

We all want to curl up in our cozy blankets and spend time with our friends and loved ones, sipping hot tea near a fireplace while drowning in glowing lights during the holidays. Why not infuse your app marketing with some holiday spirit?

Try injecting jingles, holiday slang, colors, etc. into your push notifications. As for in-app messages, decorate your apps with holiday-related images. Experiment adding snowflakes, gifts, Christmas lights, and anything else holiday-related. You can even beef it up a little and insert holiday imagery inside your logo (don’t overdo it, though.)

[Image source]

7. Be the Santa Claus that comes early

Everyone loves to catch that special holiday sale. Don’t be a Grinch and give away some presents to your app users. Statistics show that Americans spend $906 on Christmas gifts, on average.

As people lighten their wallets, app owners can help reduce shopping stress by offering special deals, vouchers, discounts, and so on.

[Image source]

If your app has nothing to do with eCommerce, try finding other ways to resonate with users. For instance, travel apps can spark user interest with travel guides that feature must-see holiday spots. Food delivery apps can offer special deals to lighten the burden of cooking during the holidays or free shipping on orders above $X.

8. Celebrate with a new, holiday-themed app

The winter snowfall causes app downloads to skyrocket. App Store reported “a record-breaking holiday season” last year.

“A record number of customers made purchases or downloaded apps from the App Store, spending over $890 million.”

This seems like a good enough reason to have an app launched especially during the holiday season. Your app should solve people’s problems during the holidays, to make their lives easier.

Here’s an excellent app idea for the holidays: health and fitness brands can develop apps that show people how to get in shape with individual workout plans and food recipes. Fashion brands could build apps offering tips on what to wear on New Year’s to help users make next year a successful one. If you are in gaming, a fantastic way to go is to develop a unique Christmas game app, like the one below:

[Image source]

If you lack resources to build a full-blown app from the ground up, you can always opt for a seasonal promotional mini-app. You’ll need less capital and resources to create it, and you can still make the most of the holiday rush.

Go App Owners, Go!

The most joyful time of the year, characterized by a very intense app activity, is coming! Make the most of it by prepping your apps for the holiday season now, and don’t leave it to the last minute. This list of app marketing tips for the holidays should get you started.

If you need a hand with growing your app, our app promotion experts are ready to help. Leverage our professional know-how, remarkable campaign management and optimization technology, exclusive data, and in-house creatives to unleash your app’s potential. Contact us today!

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