Delivering true value to advertisers globally by making use of data-driven decisions along with the power of automation, reaching strict KPIs and ensuring high user engagement. 


About Leverage 226


Experts in reaching strict KPIs & ensuring high user engagement

Leveraging our in-house deep learning technology we drive actions beyond an install and focus on engagement metrics like registering for a loyalty program, having food delivered, or completing a first ride.


Proactive fraud management & quality standards 

We monitor potential risks such as non-human scripts, bad IP reputations and general fraud by strictly filtering all activity and employing pre-bid solutions such as IP blocker, CR, Attribution Window & more.


Leading direct advertisers in a variety of verticals

Our Partners include top advertisers from a wide variety of industries such as the E-commerce, Travel, Gaming, Finance, Lifestyle, Food & Sports Betting verticals.


Worldwide coverage with a focus on US, Europe and China

With offices in the US, China, and Israel, we established strong local partnerships yielding powerful worldwide campaigns.


Multiple media channels with precise targeting capabilities

- Direct publishers​
- ​In-house exchange with a reach of over 100 million daily unique users

- High level networks

- Programmatic buying & video
- Direct integration with leading apps & SDKs

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Our Edge


In-App Event Tracking

Multiple pixel event and sub-event tracking to manage your full revenue funnel & improve ROI

Proactive Fraud Management 

Benefit from state-of-the-art proactive fraud management tools, transforming insights into action, along with conversion rate filtering and attribution window

Suite of API Solutions

Demand Collector with exposure to all available offers from a full range of providers & affiliate's API

Advanced Targeting

Target by GEO, carrier, IP and more

Advertiser KPI Management

Optimize according to your goals and user engagement with multiple pixel events

100% Transparency

Advertiser & publisher dashboards providing a holistic view of audience, traffic sources & media channels 

Real-Time Reporting Module

All you have to do is just hit the refresh button

Branding & Performance

Full-stack solution for both quality user acquisition AND branding

Professional Account Managers Team

And fun to work with!


Set Your KPIs

We Assemble a Delivery Plan

Test Period - We're On!

Ongoing Security Check & Performance Monitoring

Scale Up


About Us

Leverage 226 is a part of Edge 226.

Edge 226 is an innovative provider of data-driven ad-tech solutions.

With offices in New York, Tel-Aviv and Beijing, Edge is led by industry veterans Avishay Raviv and Yoav Kirmayer who are Co-CEOs with Avishay based in New York and Yoav in Tel Aviv.

Edge was established to address the ever-changing challenges in the ad tech industry with a laser-focus on improving business results by making smarter, data-driven decisions.


Our portfolio of solutions consists of Echo Affiliate Tracking Solution, Peak Results Driven DSP and Leverage Premium Advertising Agency.

New York

106 W. 32nd Street, 2F, Manhattan
New York, NY 10001, USA
Tel: +1 650 353 9323


Eliezer Kaplan St. 2 
Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6473403
Tel: +972 (0)72 224 9930 


Suite 15, 22nd Floor, Office Building C
Sanlitun SOHO 
Chaoyang District, Beijing

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New York

106 W. 32nd Street, 2F 
New York, NY 10001, USA
Tel: +1 650 353 9323 


Eliezer Kaplan St. 2 
Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6473403
Tel: +972 (0)72 224 9930


22nd Floor, Office Building C
Sanlitun SOHO 
Chaoyang District, Beijing

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